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About us |

Choralis Wood Art

Home of two Home of two artistic workshops
which complement and inspire each other

Natalia |
Konrad |

We have been involved in artistic craftsmanship, woodworking and art painting since early age. Love for art and nature has crossed our paths of life and since then we were growing this passion together for almost 30 years.

Combination of natural creativity and artistic-technical background

I have gained experience in artistic painting and restoration from one of the best masters in the field in Northern Italy. Konrad's artistic and technical background and my natural creativity inspire and complement each other.

Miska |
Koník |

One Family, two workshops

We have decided to pass on and expand our knowledge and experience. In 2000 we have established an art painting workshop which have been providing employment for local residents for almost 20 years now. Few years later, we also established the artistic woodworking workshop.

Our artistic workshops with many years of experience offer a wide range of services in the field of artistic painting and woodworking. From the production and painting of sacred statues, wall crosses and nativity scenes to their restoration.

Gule |

Manufactory for wooden gifts and decorations

OIn addition to sacred art, we also make handmade wooden gifts and decorations. For making we use quality woods such as cherry, maple or ash and we decorate them with gold leaf, hand painting, quality ribbons or Czech cut crystals. The whole production is handmade, including gift packaging.

Michael & Manuel

We are very pleased (as any parent would be) that our sons, Michael and Manuel, are slowly starting to follow in our footsteps.

Choralis Wood Art is a wonderful combination of the passion, knowledge and experience of our whole family which we use in many artistic disciplines such as:

Miska |

artistic woodworking

Icon 1 |

artistic painting

Icon 2 |


Icon 3 |

complex painting

Icon 4 |

patination and restoration of (but not only) sacred sculptures, antique furniture and other valuable works of art made from various materials such as wood, ceramics and glass

Icon 4 |

hand gilding with 24-karat gold leaf

Your satisfaction is our motivation and drive on our way of creativity and art.

Wishing you a wonderful day

Natalia Messner Bakosova & Konrad Messner

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