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Figurines - Tyrolean
Figurines - Tyrolean

Step into the unique charm of Alpine tradition with Tyrolean Style Nativity Figurines collection

This special collection merges the enduring tale of Jesus' birth with the distinct aesthetics of Tyrolean artistry, offering a unique take on the classic Nativity scene. Each figure in this collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the characteristic features of Tyrolean style. The handcrafted wooden figures are offered in both their natural finish, allowing the inherent beauty of the wood to shine, and hand-painted versions that are enriched with vibrant oil colors for a unique artistic expression.

Our collection celebrates the diversity of the Nativity story, featuring figures of the Holy Family, the Wise Men, humble shepherds, and stable animals, each presented in the unique Tyrolean style. In addition to these essential characters, our collection also includes figurines depicting the local townsfolk, adding a touch of Tyrolean charm and authenticity to your Nativity scene.

The Tyrolean Style Nativity Figurines collection extends beyond wood, encompassing pieces crafted from various materials, each adding a unique touch to the Nativity scene. Each figure encapsulates the simplicity, warmth, and rustic charm of Tyrolean art, adding a sense of nostalgia and tradition to your decor.

Whether you have a deep connection to the Tyrolean culture, or simply appreciate the beauty and distinctiveness of its style, our collection is sure to captivate your imagination. Explore our selection to find the perfect Tyrolean style characters to complete your Nativity scene, bringing a touch of Alpine tradition to your holiday decor.

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