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Salcher Nativity Set - stable and 32 figurines

SKU: SAL 2899-1
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Traditional wooden nativity scenes sets are an inseparabel part of the Christmas season and beautifully complete the magical Christmas atmosphere in every household. Perfect as a unique gift for your loved ones.  Figurines for these beautiful Nativity sets are carved from mountain maple wood and hand painted with oil paints. Some models are also gold gilded. Available in colour or natur (natural unpainted wood) version in various sizes.

SIZE: Listed size is a size of standing adult Nativity figurines. The real size of animals and child figurines is in proportion to standing adult Nativity figurines (ie. 9cm Sheep – means it is suitable for Nativity with standing adult figurines 9cm tall, so the real size of listed 9cm sheep will be approx. 4-5cm from toes to head). Please see the size guide. 

MATERIAL: All wood carvings up to size 24“ (60cm) are by default carved from selected Mountain Maple Wood, statues of size 24“ (60cm) or larger are carved in Linden wood, sacrum lingum, i.e. sacred wood; unless specified otherwise. COLOUR: Due to a nature of our work and materials used the shades of colours may slightly wary from the published images.

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